Instead of a Show!!

So my friend sent this song to me and said it was dedicated to me. This song is song powerful … it is called “Instead of a Show”. It’s about today’s version of “Church” and how they HATE it. Not only do they talk about why they hate it but then they give an answer to how the Church should be. It’s actually according to scripture. This is a fantastic find… Praise God the body is waking up.

Keep in mind that my website is barely about the hypocrisy of today’s version of “church”. Thats our nature as humans … I don’t focus on it and neither should you but the fact that it has been created into a show is a great point here. Today’s version of church is meant to be a show versus the early church. It’s really a definition change. How could we allow the term CHURCH to be redefined as it has been?


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3 responses to “Instead of a Show!!

  • stephen zeber

    it says it all – I been saying this for a long time , christains have been playing games and not living what the bible tell us to do !!! I too hate the show and want true worship which doing things for others that can not do for themselfs ( older people and the disabled ! the homeless ) !!!

    the bible tells us that we will know true christains by how they act not how what they say !!!

  • Peggy

    We can’t fake it with God, can we! We can put on a show, but unless we love God and show that love to others, it doesn’t impress God. 1 Corinthians 13 says it all.

  • Douglass

    Impressive article, I await fresh news of your stuff.

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