I’ve started a new journey in my life. I finally had the guts to get a SLR camera and begin to learn photography. Expensive stuff but absolutely worth it. For so long I’ve wanted to get into this but was afraid because of the expense. All of my friends are now into it and I was just punking out because of money. I’ve found out one thing though and that is that if you know how to search online you can find some incredible prices for otherwise expensive stuff.

So I got the Canon T1i and I absolutely love it. I have studied so much information on the net and in books. I mean I have probably watched just about every photography tutorial video on YouTube twice. All of my friends and Kin say they have never seen me so serious about something in my life (except when I use to be into music) and you know what… they are right. This is for the long term… I really want to get into this and make this my thing. Apparently I have an eye for things which i’m about to share with you guys in a moment. I just started shooting everything after watching videos. I would learn something and go outside to practice it. Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed… its all so much beauty.

What I love about this is being able to capture beauty and share it with other people (you guys)  Well, I got my first shoot opportunity for my friends … an engagement shoot. I was so excited but scared at the same time. I was thinking what if I cant produce something good enough. I was blown away by the results…not only the pictures but that the bride to be had tears in her eyes. You know you’ve done a great job when the bride has tears in their eyes. HURRAY!!!

Here is the slide show of the pictures from the shoot. ENJOY!!!


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