The Afters: Light Up the Sky (Review)

The Afters

One of my favorite bands out there would have to be The Afters. I love them because they are down to earth with their type of music. I remember hearing the Myspace song years ago and was surprised to find out it was by Christ Followers. I love artist that can create music that is fun and also songs that are about the relationship with Christ; and these guys definitely pull it off.

Well, I finally got their new album “Light Up the Sky”, and I must say this is a beautiful album. It’s a bit more serious than their prior albums which is not a bad thing. We all enjoyed the fun party songs like Myspace Girl in the past but this album will really make you think about the relationship you have with Christ. It really is a personal album and I respect the band for that. This is the type of album a non-believer could listen to and then possible realize Jesus is Lord from the lyrics.

As of right now my favorite song thus far is “Start Over”. I think I’ve kept this song on repeat in my car for the past few days. I went through the entire album and really enjoyed each track I must say. “Start Over” really hit me hard because it’s about starting over, about knowing that in this walk with Christ you have a chance to get it right again. It’s pretty much the most beautiful story in the world.. the story of forgiveness, the story of belief and hope.

I think listeners will be in for a wonderful treat with this album much like the rest of their music. The Afters just know how to do it and they do it right. Praise Jesus!

Song Title Time Price
listen 1. Light Up The Sky 3:38 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 2. Lift Me Up 3:32 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 3. Start Over 4:02 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 4. Runaway 4:48 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 5. I Am Yours 3:53 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 6. Life Is Sweeter 3:27 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 7. Say It Now 4:14 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 8. We Won’t Give Up 3:07 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 9. Saving Grace 3:38 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 10. For The First Time 5:21 $0.99 Buy Track

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