Sanctus Real: Pieces of a Real Heart (Review)

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So this album came out last month but I had so much new music that I refused to listen to anything else until I went through them all. Finally I got the new Sanctus Real: Pieces of a Real Heart album and let me say…. I AM BLOWN AWAY! I have always been a fan of Sanctus Real’s music and this new album gives me even more of a respect for these guys. They really went out to get the message about the sinful nature of us humans here. What it does is shows us how much we need God and how much he takes control if we allow him to. I love the fact that the first track is about being forgiven; I find that kind of cool that they give a person who may not know Christ a chance to understand how they can be forgiven too. (I’ve noticed a lot of non believers like Christian Rock and maybe they understood that too)

So what I did today was keep this album on replay all while I took a 5 hour walk in NYC’s park. I was walking many times with tears falling down my face because of the songs. The songs really describe how a Christian will cry out for God because the heart is failing them, resulting in them asking God to TAKE OVER ME.

As of right now, my favorite song is ‘Til I Got To Know You. First off the vocals are incredible on this track and the track is ridiculous it self. The person in the song is talking about how they tried to do things by themselves at first but ended up realizing Christ is best at controlling the lives of his children. The person speaking emphasize YOU YOU YOU which is a really neat thing to do because it keeps directing the focus on YOU meaning Christ and not the speaker. This is such a great song and guess what, every song so far is great. I like every track and didn’t find myself skipping tracks but listened to it through quite a few times. I repeated a few tracks like this one a bit though.

Let me leave you with some of the words from a really cool track they wrote… it’s almost like I wrote it myself.

Keep My Heart Alive

I’m so tired of politics and all this bad news
I’m so tired of chasing the moment instead of chasing You
I let the World wear me down, I’m desensitized

Jesus keep my heart alive, keep my heart alive
Only You can save me from a world that’s breaking right before my eyes
Keep my heart alive….

Jesus keep my heart alive (Only You can save me),
Keep my heart alive (Only You can save me)
Only You can save me when my world is breaking right before my eyes

Jesus keep my heart alive (Only You can save me),
Keep my heart alive (Only You can save me)
Only You can save me when my hope is fading, and I’m losing the fight

I would encourage everyone to get the deluxe version because it has the extra acoustic versions of the same songs. I love that!

Track list:

listen 1. Forgiven 3:35 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 2. These Things Take Time 3:21 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 3. The Way The World Turns 4:07 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 4. Lead Me 3:48 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 5. The Redeemer 3:45 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 6. Take Over Me 3:05 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 7. I Want To Get Lost 3:53 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 8. ‘Til I Got To Know You 3:55 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 9. Dear Heart 3:02 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 10. I’ll Show You How To Live 3:19 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 11. Keep My Heart Alive 3:26 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 12. Forgiven (Acoustic Version) 3:30 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 13. These Things Take Time (Acoustic Version) 3:34 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 14. Lead Me (Acoustic Version) 3:45 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 15. I Want To Get Lost (Acoustic Version) 4:27 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 16. ‘Til I Got To Know You (Acoustic Version) 3:40 $0.99 Buy Track

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One response to “Sanctus Real: Pieces of a Real Heart (Review)

  • Kelly Whitehead

    Hi Omar,
    SO true the words of that song. I recently heard Monica’s message on whether watching T.V. and listening to certain types of music were good, and I decided to take her up her challenge to get rid of it. I used to love to watch the news, to see what the next big disaster was, or which awful law was passed. After a week of not emersing myself in the politics and the slander and the bad news, and focusing only on Jesus, I began to realize that my anxieties and depression were fading away! Jesus really is the only hope and light in this dark time, and focusing on him is the only thing that will keep us at peace and keep our paths straight! He recently reminded me of Psalm 91, and I take great comfort in it. It’s amazing what you can hear from God when all the other voices are turned off. Your sister in Christ. Kelly

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