Charmaine: Love Reality (Review)

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FINALLY is all I can say. I have been waiting for this album to come out for the past 2 years and it is finally here. You may not know who Charmaine is but she is actually a well-known artist in Australia. If you’ve heard Rebecca St. James’s music then you most likely heard Charmaine being that she sang background for her for so long. Well, I have been visiting her MySpace page ever since it was popular (which was a long time ago). I heard some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard but it was only like :30 tracks. It was not enough but I would pay them over and over.

I’ve had the chance to do a listening party for Charmaine’s new album – Love Reality, this album is full of amazing energy and amazing vocals. Some of the tricks she did I had to attempt. This is Christian music … no this is music at it’s finest. It has the slow ballads and then some faster upbeat songs in a perfect mix. The tracks are very different from what we are used to with some experiential instrument sounds that work wonders for each track. There were times when I heard sounds during the songs and thought I had a text message.

Every Track is a delight as of right now the song I kept replaying is Tell Me but as I was listening I was tempted to replay like 6 other songs but I knew I wanted to do this review and would have never gotten through this album. These are the type of songs that you will have to think about while listening too because the words are just that deep. When you listen to the song Not Fair, which can sound like she is complaining about God’s love not being fair but it’s actually the opposite of how God’s love is NOT fair that he can love someone like her when she doesn’t deserve it what so ever. I was like WHOA his love is so not fair.


01 – Tell me
02 – At My Door
03 – Love Reality
04 – Run
05 – Tokyo
06 – Tied To The Ground
07 – Fighting Furies
08 – Not Fair
09 – Epiphaniy
10 – Revolutionary Thought


listen 1. Tell Me 4:00 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 2. At My Door 3:31 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 3. Love Reality 3:41 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 4. Run 3:46 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 5. Tokyo 4:29 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 6. Tied To The Ground 3:44 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 7. Fighting Furies 4:11 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 8. Not Fair 4:16 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 9. Epiphany 4:36 $0.99 Buy Track
listen 10. Revolutionary Thought 3:31 $0.99 Buy Track

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