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Church Outside the Walls

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I wanted to post clips of  this wonderful documentary about those who have left the institutionalized church. I know its very difficult to stop doing something you have been trained to do and have been doing for so many years. It took me many years myself. I remember God telling me and an old friend that he is NOT pleased with the condition of the church about 5 years ago. I’ve been out of the institutionalized church for about 2 years which means I already knew something was wrong before I left. I was just scared because of the teaching that if you don’t go to “church” you are not truly a Christian; that you have went back into sin or have been hurt by the church. I never wanted to be put into that category so I stayed for a few more years. I asked God to show me what he is not pleased with and that right there was the beginning of everything. I was on the praise team and sat on the stage, so I have an overview of everything. I began to see things from the stage and from the floor that did not seem right. God would take me to his word and show me how it was not what he wants of us. I remember asking the leader not to lay hands on me for a while until I find out more from God’s word, which of course can be taken as offensive. God showed me so much in those 3 years that I found out were not biblical but I still was too afraid to leave. What would my friends think about me? I was considered to be great and highly anointed in that setting and did I really want that to go? Did I want the attention I was getting just because I was acknowledged by leadership to go? See for me I didn’t leave because I was hurt but for the opposite. I left to become a slave for the body… to become the least if you will. In that setting I was seen as the greatest and treated as one of the greatest. I never let it get to my head but at the same time there is only so much that we in this human form can take when getting praised so often.

I’ve been gone for 2 years as I’ve mentioned and I have grown so much closer to God than I could have ever imagine. Going to an institutionalized church for 6 years did not help me grow with God. Yes I was on the praise team, yes i was seen as one of the elites, yes I heard some scripture each week but I never learned the heart that God has for me for us until I got one on one with him. I fall less and less (holy spirit) to the sins I struggle with. In that setting I always had to be seen in a good light which would leave more room for lying about things. Homosexuality is rampant in the institutionalized church RAMPANT I TELL YA and I get approached by men extremely less which makes that struggle so much easier to deal with.  It’s in the world yes, but a Christians guard is usually up in the world but from the way we are taught about “going to church” most would believe that it would be OK to let your guard down… you don’t expect it. There is less room for gossiping out of that setting.

Now the question then goes into who do I fellowship with now. Do you see what Constantine has done? He being the one who created the first buildings we now call church conformed our belief system into what fellowship is. Fellowship is NOT only going to a building every Sunday. It is being with the body as a whole. If I get on the phone with some Christians right now, I am fellowshiping. If I get on Skype with some Christians, I am fellowshipping, Facebook, aim, bible studies in homes,  hanging out with the homeless and teach them about Christ, or just hanging out with Christians. Those are all fellowships. Not a system that attempts to implement Mosaic Law and traditions. Those who visit this site are fellowshipping.

Below you will see 3 clips:

The full series can be located in my link section.  (The Family Room)