Money Rules The World–Even The Churches

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Situations concerning money is a big misunderstood thing in the church today. WE LOVE IT, WE LOVE WHAT IT DOES FOR US and WE LOVE HOW IT MAKES US FEEL. WE ARE AFRAID IF WE DONT HAVE IT (FEAR). N we don’t like what Jesus had to say about it so we go into the Old Testament to find reasons why money is GOOD. (MONEY ANSWERS ALL THINGS and scriptures like this) So we make God contradiction (as we do with most things; we are the reason for people thinking the bible has contradictions). One min God says, It is HARD for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God and even requested that his disciples sold their processions.

Here is a great read of what is going on in the body today.

by Van Robison

Have you ever noticed in life, that those who have the money are the controllers of all the people? Oddly, even in the world of institutionalized church, it is the preachers who have the money, and it is the preachers who control the people. We all know that the government, who plays the role of “God” in the lives of all the citizens, is also the source that takes your money and regulates your life from the cradle to the grave. In the Institutionalized church world, the preachers convince the church goers to be taxed through tithing, and by that means many preachers become very wealthy, and they also rule much of what people believe.

Why is it that the money-men rule and control in life? Why is it that money and power go hand in hand? One thing for sure is that both money and power corrupt. Some church organizations are worth countless billions in cash and assets, and these groups also control the lives, thinking, and beliefs of millions of human beings. In the protestant church world, some individual preachers take in tens of millions of dollars annually. They also mesmerize the minds of many, who are deluded into financial support (partners) for these celebrity preachers. There is not one celebrity television preacher who would not be on television without an endless flow of money. As a result of money, many preachers are kept in the neon lights and paraded before the public as if these people represent Jesus Christ to the world. One would think that Christ selected millionaires and celebrities to be His personal disciples, but to the contrary, Jesus Christ actually hand picked fishermen such as Peter, who was essentially a nobody.

Somehow in our day and age, the church world has gone completely off the deep end and has decided that millionaire and multimillionaire preachers are their shepherds and masters. Many have found seats inside great church organizations, in the belief that massive church organizations have the “truth”, and the way to heaven is through their doors. Others are greatly impressed with eye-popping church structures, that are architectural delights to the senses, and have made their spiritual homes within. Money is both an attraction, because of what money can buy, but it is also a means to control others, and by which the rulers of people rule. Church lords insist that they are entitled to your pocketbook and bank account. Many church lords fill their private treasure chests with cash, extracted from church goers and television viewers by psychological gimmickry. It is indeed strange how so many Christians are seduced by slick talking salesmen in the pulpits. These salesmen and saleswomen are often very persuasive.

A great oddity about the world of churches and massive church organizations is that if there were no money involved, none of these organizations would exist, and consequently the common seeker of God would not be ruled over by those they give their money to. The money principle is that if you give your money to religious salesmen in the pulpits, they will in turn rule your life. The benefit is primarily one sided, and that is because the preacher salesmen benefit greatly materially from those who are deceived enough to have these human lords as their infallible teachers and masters, who do their thinking and loot their bank account (all of course in the name of Jesus Christ). Preacher salesmen would have you believe that the Creator of the universe is in great need of your money and you are giving to “God” by sending them your weekly or monthly pledge. Money is the obsession of the institutionalized churches, for the simple reason that none of them would exist without it. Church corporations and “non-profit” Christian organizations only exist through your money. All pastors live on church welfare, with few exceptions. Did not Jesus tell Peter “feed my sheep”, or did He say “Peter, teach the sheep to feed you?” Many love the “ministry” because it is a source of free money.

Even wars would not be fought unless money supplied the means. Although almost all people who donate to institutionalized churches and preachers do so with honorable intentions, at the same time they also are being told what to believe. They are told what is “truth”, and basically are taught that the paid pulpiteers (pastors) are the spiritual “experts” who understand God and truth. Basically, the whole church system as the world knows it, is a two-class system, in which the human priests, pastors, bishops and paid pulpiteers are in an elevated status, as if these people are “special” in the eyes of God, while the lowly “laity” (basically uneducated and inept) are just clones, robots and personal disciples of pastors. This is odd indeed, because Jesus taught that we ALL ARE BRETHREN (Matthew 23:8), not celebrities on one hand and pawns on the other.

What ever happened to the Biblical idea of “prove all things”, as opposed to just believing all things spoken from the pulpits? What ever happened to the Biblical idea of “try the spirits whether they be of God”, as opposed to accepting every spirit that speaks? As a Christian, if you want to be ruled over and controlled by professional clergy, then give them financial support and they will gladly do your thinking, rule your life and help themselves to your pocketbook, for as long as you are willing. On the other hand, if you want Jesus Christ to be your Shepherd, Teacher, Counselor, Master, Lord, Savior, Way, Truth and Life, then you can read His personal teachings in the four Gospels, follow Him and you can’t buy Him with all the gold in California. The world is full of “pastors” who can be bought and purchased with money. Take the money away and most “pastors” will likely disappear among ordinary people, because their real motive in “pastoring” is money, control and power–they love it.

The institutionalized church world–all of it–is a massive money business, controlled by the professional clergy. As you journey through the four Gospels, you discover that Jesus Christ never hand picked professional clergy types, but rather the “uneducated” to represent Him. Some of them were fishermen who no doubt even stunk like fish. Peter never preached for money or merchandised the Gospel. No doubt the disciples of Jesus Christ never sold their sermons for tithes and offerings. Jesus Christ never passed a bucket to take up a collection for preaching, and neither did Peter.


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