Precious: Based on What Exactly?

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So, I just finished watching “Precious”. I must say I was extremely disappointed; It didn’t move me. Everyone knows me to be an emotional guy, shoot I cry during the Little Mermaid (don’t tell no body though). I mean it wasn’t a horrible movie by any means, please don’t get me wrong. The thing that disappointed me was to see that this movie really was not about Precious. I was really excited to watch this movie when it started because I was expecting to see a movie about a beautiful young girl who is not considered beautiful in the eyes of others including her mother. The movie had that in it but it had so much other stuff in it that shifted the story into other things. It almost was like they would go back and forth with “Precious” moments to secret messages. There were a lot of subliminal messages in the movie namely about homosexuality. The movie turned into a gay tolerant movie which is fine but I just felt like it was a bit of a bait and switch type of thing.

When I mention gay tolerance I’m talking about the fact that the villains in the movie seemed to make disgusting comments about homosexuals but the heroes in the movie ended up being homosexuals. This is how psychology works; we relate to the heroes in the movie but we end up hating the villains. So what happens here, we end up HATING the villains and everything about them (making viewers question things they learned from perhaps the bible or other sources) and Loving the heroes and everything about them even things we don’t agree with. I’m surprised they didn’t put scriptures in the movie so viewers would question those like many movies do. What I would have done would be to teach LOVE EVERYONE but it became a trade-off of hate.  I noticed the social services office having a rainbow poster on the ladies desk? While they are speaking the camera made sure to keep that poster in the view. Lastly, Precious often relayed what her mother said about homosexuals which was all negative. (the villain) The heroes of the story were Precious’s teacher and her female lover. I do understand the director is an openly gay man but I’m just saying I wanted to see a movie more in-depth than this movie was. Of course directors put in subliminal messages in their movies but if your going to do that make sure the focus does not take away from the story. In this movie it did for me.

The movie had some interesting stories to build up on and they really left them for our imaginations. I am not paying money or watching a movie to have to use my imagination for the entire movie. Like did Mary have HIV as well as the daughter? (received from her father) She told Precious she didn’t have it because she did not allow her lover to do sexual things in her backside. (which was another ignorant gay reference to make the audience think) When Mary mentioned that her grandmother wasnt better than them did she mean she was just like them? One minute the grandmother was portrayed as civil but later in the hospital she was speaking exactly like the mother. I would have liked to see how Precious was going to deal with having HIV as far as medicine being that she had no finances. Why wasnt the mother taken to jail when she confessed about allowing her daughter to be raped? (or was she) Those are just some of the questions that perhaps I would get from the book if I read it. If the movie didn’t focus on gay tolerance so much perhaps they could have developed those stories.

Oh well, another movie that wasted my time. I also don’t like that an African-American movie often has to be about the lowest of that culture for it to be remembered and even gets nominated for an Oscar. (Boys In the Hood, Menace II Society, Dead Presidents, Friday, Juice, Dangerous Minds, Do the Right Thing, The Color Purple)Have we not pitied the AA culture enough yet?  Has there not been a single excellent movie of that culture with middle/upper class made yet? Does the worst of AA culture interest America that much?  I know black people have won and that’s not what I’m saying but when it comes to movies about black culture can it not be about drugs, gangs, thug life, poverty and such. I don’t even care about race like that but I just had this observation.

To end this I’m just saying I was tricked by the hype of this movie. It as just another low-class family problematic African-American Movie that did not develop the characters; including Precious.


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2 responses to “Precious: Based on What Exactly?

  • Nikki

    I didn’t read the book yet, because of the movie. . . smh, honestly it was too much for me, and your right, they should have developed the storyline a lot more. Instead of honing in on 1 or 2 things. I have the book, but I hesitate reading it. I have had it for awhile. Not sure if I wanna read it now after seeing the movie.

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