Fired for Love

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(Keep in mind the love in the title is not a romantic love but Christian love)

Hey everyone,

Here is an update of how I am doing. As of yesterday I have become a free agent, that’s right I am unemployed and I cannot believe how much of a blessing it is. I was dismissed for the weirdest reason, although the reason was twisted into a more serious thing. I will not use the name of the company because I am not going to be the one to leave a place bitter and trash the company. Those of you who know please refrain from posting your feelings about that company on my comments. We have to be peaceful.

So here is what happened. Basically I over heard someone speaking about a friend and how they are quitting. The exact words were, “When she leaves the new hire will be a great replacement”. I quickly went over to the woman being referred to and asked for her information in order to keep in touch being that she was quitting. This is where things went wrong, the woman said to me, “I’m not quitting, why?”. I let her know I may have been mistaken and that I am sorry for even bringing it to her. Well It turns out the woman was actually being dismissed and I had no idea. I felt terrible that she found out that way. The person who I overheard she was leaving was talking about her being dismissed and I had no idea. She probably should not have said it out in the open as she did. Some say I was set up but I don’t think so. I heard so much trash about me while she was talking on the phone which shows me it just must be her thing to speak about people in the open.

Well, later that day I was called to her office with another person and someone on the phone. They asked me what did I tell that woman and I was very honest except for not saying the name of the person I overheard she was leaving from. I said I overheard that she was leaving and went to get her information before she left which is a very normal thing to do in a company. Many times someone quits and you never hear from them again.  Apparently the woman asked them if she was being fired because I asked her if she was quitting. She figured I must have heard something. I’m not sure it was the best way to handle it that way though. My intentions was not to tell her she was getting fired especially being that that was something I had no knowledge of, but being that my accidental information allowed her to know, it may have been a better decision to start looking. Well it didn’t workout to well because the next day she was gone and I felt terrible. The next day I found out that the executive that made the mistake of discussing that information in the open was speaking to HR about getting rid of me. What really happened was twisted into, “Omar told someone they were getting fired before they were fired”. That became HR concern because that is the HR’s job to do. Now the thing is, I wasn’t going to fight this because I was actually going to quit the week before but my boss asked me to wait and look for a job first. I realized I was going to get dismissed at that point because as usual this lady left her door open again discussing having me terminated lol. I was really excited. I was working as a temp for 2 years, no benefits and as a cancer survivor that is not a good look at all. God is faithful though!

One of the reasons I stayed for so long was because of certain people. The big boss who i respected and loved almost like an office father. This man has shown me so much in the past 2 years about business and how to keep your composure. He has blessed me with so much and he doesn’t ever know and may never know. I hope he doesn’t believe what he was told being that he was on vacation while this took place. Mr. G, I RESPECT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SHOWN ME. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY AND FOR TEACHING ME.

Then there is a wonderful woman who works there whom I also worked under. She was such a breath of fresh air. Her and I were a great team, we worked on presentations and such very often. This woman was able to take a proposal that wasn’t about anything and turn it into a wonderful proposal that would potentially bring in money to the company. I learned a lot from her but one of the things that was hurting me was the fact that I could not give my all while working  for her. (making silly typos because I had no time to read over it) I had another person I worked for that took so much of my time for small work. Mrs. B, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, THANK YOU FOR TEACHING ME A GREAT SKILL.

Now to the other person I worked under. I love you very much. I’m sorry it did not work out. 🙂

To the team and family there. I will miss you all. I love each one of you and enjoyed working with you for the past 2 years.

Do I blame the person who got me dismissed ? No, I don’t because I knew that person was unhappy working with me for a long time as was I. The short time working for that person was very tough for me. I was able to truly see this LOVE thing that God has given me through his holy spirit each day. The fact that I never snapped. It was becoming evident that I was unhappy there though. Even the boss asked me a few times whats wrong and of course I played it off because I’m not one to complain.

The good news is that I get to collect unemployment now which is kind of cool. I haven’t had a vacation in 2 years and I feel like this would be a good time to take it until the next thing comes.

Here goes the end of that chapter. It’s cool though because my main reason for working is to pay for my college. After that I am going to submit my life to being a servant. I will be traveling on mission trips and such. Helping the needy, visiting hospitals. No it’s not going to bring me a lot of money but it’s what I want to and must do. Christ Love is about helping.

This picture is what reminds me of Mr. G. Handling business as always.



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7 responses to “Fired for Love

  • Donovan

    I hear you man. Congrats!!!!! 🙂

  • Omar Carter

    So the rumors at my old job are funny. I did a few crazy things. 1) I told someone they were getting fired and told them to GET THEIR #$%$ OUT THE OFFICE, 2) I was gossiping about someone getting fired and it got back to them and I quit like a punk because of embarrassment. LOL

  • Nikki

    Lemme know when ur ready to do missionary. I’m willing. 🙂 Something I MUST do as well. 🙂

  • Jdsdrgn

    Omar, you are a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. Your eyes were opened and you saw the light. You saw the truth. You saw the ugliness in people, the crudeness, the black hearts. Glad you are out of there. It’s a lesson learned, a blessing in disguise. You are not one of them. Please remember that you never needed them, they needed YOU. God don’t like ugly, remember that.

    YOU will move on to bigger and better places where you will learn and teach; where you will be appreciated for your hard and impeccable work, for your intelligence and strong work ethics. Those who are left behind and were fortunate enough to know you, know the truth. You are free, spread your wings and fly. You have no limits. I know we will hear/learn/read nothing but greatness from you in the years to come.

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