Teach the Children How to Lie

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So I was looking for a movie to watch this weekend and I came across a childhood movie called “Harriet the Spy”. I use to love this movie when I was a child. Well I decided to watch it of course and noticed something at the end. The big lesson of the movie was how to lie. How to lie without it being wrong. I was a bit upset at hearing this. When I have children I am going to be so tough in what I allow them to watch. These movies are what teaches our children. How to be a good sinner. Yikesomunga!

Harriet’s mentor and nanny give her advice on how to fix her friendships that she ruined by writing terrible things about in her notebook.

Sometimes a little lie that

makes people feel better

isn’t really wrong.

You know, like,

you can thank someone

for a meal they cooked you,

even if you hated it.

You could tell a sick friend

that they look better,

even if they don’t.

Sometimes a really small lie

can be a really big help.

Pro 14:5 A truthful witness does not lie, but a false witness breathes out lies
Psa 120:2 I said, “O Lord, rescue me from those who lie with their lips and those who deceive with their tongue

Rev 21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”


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17 responses to “Teach the Children How to Lie

  • Peg

    I’ve never watched this before, but in general, I think iit is best to avoid all TV/movies. Don’t compromise; keep ourselves pure and we will bring up pure children. If we don’t expose the young ones to the world, then they will have less to come out of. (Once they get a taste of the world, it’s harder to get them to come out and be separate.)

  • Omar Carter

    Im learning this more each day.

  • Randy McCloskey

    I have ALWAYS monitored what my kids watch. Too many cartoons, especially Disney, that teach the wrong message. Also too many demons and devils. Why can’t you watch a Disney movie without seeing witchcraft. Ugh.

  • Randy McCloskey

    One more thing, I don’t even watch TV. I do watch movies but am very picky about the content. A little poison goes a long way.

  • ruth guerrier

    I believe that whatever our children is watching we should be there with them or at least have seen it. If there are messages that are wrong in them then that would be a great moment to sit down with them and explain through scripture why it is wrong. We cannot protect them by sheltering them, not in this world. We have to talk to them through scripture.

  • Marlon

    this is exactly why i try to find out if anything is wrong with a show before i let my daughter watch it, she barely watches anything but i do let her watch dora the explorer, only after not being able to prove that it has any bad messages in it. i would NEVER let her watch anything disney and no parent should. i def feel you on this post O because i see the same thing in alot of the movies we grew up watching, the messages are so clear now that we are grown. @ruth i totally agree with you, we MUST show them why certain things are wrong (thru scripture) when they see it instead of sheltering them. i believe that will be soo much more effective

  • Nikki

    Personally, I don’t even watch the news! I Hate television. . . I watch it, but RARELY. For 6 years I went without a television inside my household, and should’ve kept going without one, but no, I got cable, so that my daughter could watch Disney! Umm hummm, yup! Wrong move. . . Disney is sneaky, they put things in there about boyfriends and kissing, withcraft, lieing, etc. However, as Ruth said, I teach my daughter by explaining y certain things are not right (by scripture). In my opioion she NEEDs to be able to see the bigger picture, instead of my just saying don’t do this, don’t do that. She NEEDS me to explain to her the reason’s y. It is impossible to shelter your children from this world’s culture, but it’s better to have them equipped with the RIGHTEOUS ARMOR, that way they can fight off the enemy.

    I do NOT let her sit hrs on end watching television, she gets less than a 1/2hr per day, he days are so full of other activities, she doesn’t have time for television. I make her read when she’s bored. She reads the bible on her own, (Bless her soul). . . I am most thankful for that.

  • Stephen Wilson

    I look at it the same as most people. You should limit tv time, but if somthing comes up that dont sit right with your soul, then turn it and talk it over with your kids. To be honest. The tv is one of the biggest earthly gods there is. People decorate rooms around. I am a dad, and I do allow my kids to watch tv. I look at as you can watch a movie together, then explain what was right and what was wrong, or there friends and peers will introduce them to it. I am speacking from my own personal experiance. What I am trying to say is you cant keep your kids in a bubble, if you do then they will rebel when they get old enough. My mom tried to keep me in her bubble, when I got old enough i rebeled by smoking cigs, weed, poping pills cocaine. I am now clean for the past 4 years cause i went though GODS REHAB at the alter. MY moral more less is the harder a parent dont let the oppertunity arise by over protecting them the harder they will find answers from friends and peers. Thats whats wrong. To many friends and peers are raising our kids and not enough parents. Sorry but thats how I see it cause I now have 7 kids at the age of 27 and I also went though all this in my personal life.

    • Omar Carter

      I do understand that indeed… but a lot of the problem comes from what we dont introduce the children to… like at school. They are at school more than the time they are with us and the things they learn from friends and the thigns the school share with them we may never be able to negate. In CA I there were some schools where they were showing the children a video to promote cross dressing so they will be who they want to be. The parents didnt even get to vote on it. Its a shame.

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